Microfiber Cloth: Your Car Cleaning Must-Have

July 19, 2020 2 min read



Many car owners and car wash experts swear by the use of microfiber cloth in car cleaning and maintenance. This must-have cleaning tool is also used in many households or even big establishments. 

Studies have been conducted to prove the claim and even experts suggest it as a more ideal and effective cleaning tool than regular fabric.

What makes Microfibre Cloth Different?

Microfibre cloths are a synthetic material made of very small microfibre strands. These strands can be 200 times thinner than a human hair! This makes them super absorbent and ideal for cleaning. 

Thanks to their very small strands, microfibre cloths have the ability to attract and pull away grease, dirt, and dust more effectively, than your usual cleaning cloth. 

That is why many opt for microfibre cloth for household and car cleaning. So we listed the reasons why microfibre cloth is your ultimate cleaning must-have for your car.

Why Use Microfiber Cloth in Cleaning your Car?

  • Unlike your usual fabric, microfibercloth is positively-charged, which means it is more effective in capturing negatively-charged dirt, grease, dust, and some bacteria on the surface

  • You can clean with microfiber cloth even without the use of harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions 

  • Since it is made of very fine and small microfibre strands, it won’t scratch your car’s surface and  can remove oil, fingerprints, and dirt without leaving streaks or lint

  • It doesn’t wear out easily. It is durable and you can use it over and over again for a long time

  • Microfibre cloth is versatile. You can use them to clean almost any type of surface andis ideal for polishing glass which includes windshields, windows, and mirrors. 

Easy Way to Use Microfiber Cloth for Your Car

  • For washing, you can mix your car wash soap in a bucket of water (or according to package instructions), then soak your microfibre cloth in it for a couple of minutes. Wipe each panel of your car’s exterior with your soapy microfiber cloth, a panel at a time for thorough cleaning. Make sure to rinse your microfibre cloth in your soap mixture if it gets too dirty. Rinse the panel with clean water.

  • For drying, soak a clean microfiber towel in clean water (no soap) and wring it out dampening the towel. Wipe it onto the surface of your car you want to dry. A slightly damp microfiber drying towel wicks water better than a dry one. After this, you can now wipe each panel with a dry microfiber cloth to dry the last remnants of water and for a streak-free surface.

  • For dusting, you can use a dry microfiber towel or slightly dampen it and wipe on to the surface of your car, glasses, and windows. 

With many drivers and car owners using microfibre cloths, it’s no doubt that it is indeed your car cleaning must-have. They are effective, inexpensive, durable, and versatile- all worth your investment!

Microfibre cloth can come in different sizes and colors. Also, they are very easy to find in your local grocery stores, hardware stores, big box stores, and online. You may want to check these microfibre towels designed for cleaning your car exterior:








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