June 29, 2020 2 min read

Using a dashboard camera is definitely a good idea, especially with all the things going on right now. Dash cameras are good insurance for modern Rideshare (Uber & Lyft) drivers, Buying a dashcam is definitely a smart thing to do for driver as you can write it off and it also provides for passenger safety! If you are ever involved in an accident you have video too. There are many good reasons to have a dash cam.


However, first things first, before purchasing one of these devices, it is imperative to discover if dashboard cameras are legal in your state or region.

Even though dashboard cameras are legal in most states, there are still two important aspects to consider when talking about dash cam legality in USA. The first one is related to electronic surveillance and the second one deals with vision obstruction through the windshield.

Because each state has different policies to deal with these two issues, it is important to verify the letter of the law in your area before you get behind the wheel and hit the road with your dashboard camera recording.

If you're in a state that requires notification gets stickers notifying and tell passengers you have a camera.  No big deal.  If you should ever have a passenger that has an issue with it just tell them it's for their safety - like if we were involved in an accident.  If they really have an issue just ask them to exit.

Your safety is the first priority.  

Drivers may install and use video cameras, dash cams, or other recording devices to record riders for the purpose of fulfilling transportation services. Local regulations may require individuals using recording equipment in vehicles to fully disclose to riders that they're being recorded in or around a vehicle and obtain consent. Please check local regulations in your city to determine if these apply.

In addition, Uber & Lyft Community Guidelines do not allow users to use any other user's personal data for any reason other than for the purposes of fulfilling transportation services. They also specify that account access can be removed for conduct, language, or gestures that are disrespectful or unsafe. Broadcasting a person's image, audio, or video recording is a violation of these terms and may result in deactivation.

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