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Driving for Uber, Lyft or other rideshare industry gigs is becoming more and more popular. Since this is a way for many to generate extra income, most drivers spend time stocking their car with the items they think they need to make their life easier and their passenger’s as well. 

Whether you are new to the rideshare industry or not, a full-time or part-time driver, we listed down 8 things you must have that can make your ride satisfying, comfortable, and secured. Also, this can help your passengers have a better driving experience with you.


There are times where you will need to use your phone while you drive but, of course, you want to do it responsibly. Your phone is essential not just for taking important calls but especially if you are a rideshare driver who uses apps and GPS to keep track of your journey. This is where car phone holders come in handy.

While traditional car phone holders are useful, cradle mounts can interfere with the various functions and buttons on your phone.  So we recommend you get a magnetic car phone holder instead.

Of course, if you are getting yourself one, you would want to make sure that:

  • The phone holder’s magnetic strength must ensure that your device is held securely, without the risk of falling.
  • The holder must ensure that you can glance, manipulate, and reach your phone easily without interference. Remember, the main goal is for you to be able to use your phone safely and without difficulty while you are in your car. 

Here’s a magnetic phone holder we can recommend you get that we think has the perfect design, compatibility, and strength at a reasonable price: 



2. USB Car Charger

Being a rideshare driver can mean driving for long hours in a day. You will often rely on your phone to give you practical assistance during your journey or make it more fun. So it is important that your phone always has power.

That is why you need to bring a reliable USB car charger with you if ever you are low on phone battery and to service your constant power needs. You can charge your phone anytime and anywhere in the comfort of your own car.  

Here’s what you might one to consider: 

  • Getting a  USB car charger with multiple ports can save you a lot of time and frustration especially if you have multiple devices with you and you need to charge them all at once.
  • A quick charging USB car charger allows you to charge your device without spending long hours to get them full. Most quick charge USB charger can charge your device 2 to 4 times faster than the regular one.
  • Ensure that it is compatible with your device and can charge it optimally and safely. 

Here’s a quick charge USB charger you might want to get for your next rideshare journey: USB CAR CHARGER



3.Dash Cam

One of the most important things a rideshare driver must have is a dashcam. Almost every driver has a dashcam as it records every detail that takes place both on the road and inside your car. If you are a rideshare driver this can protect you or your passengers should any disputes, accidents, or events arise that needs evidence. And also, your local regulations might require you to have a dashcam.

Before purchasing one you might want to consider these things: 

  • It has to be reliable and records clear video footages so you see important details that transpired in your car and on the road.
  • The coverage should not only have to be on the road alone. Remember, events can take place somewhere other than the front of your car. So it is beneficial if you invest in a good quality dual dashcam.
  • A dual dash cam is a single unit with a dual-lens and a second camera. This can film the road ahead of your car and the interior-including your and the passengers, offering greater coverage, and provides greater insight.

You might one to take a look at this dual dash cam that comes at an affordable price: Dash Cam



4.Universal Car Floor Mats

As a rideshare driver, your car’s interior faces many challenges every day. You may have passengers that spilled drinks and food, tracked-in mud, water, or dirt that can leave stains on your floor’s upholstery. Also, from the wear and tear that your floor endures daily from people coming in and out of your car.  

Getting a universal car floor mat is your best option for this as this protects your car’s floor from the dirt and damages incurred during your ride. And why universal?


  • Universal Floor mats come in rubber, vinyl, and heavy-duty carpet options and are designed to handle moisture, dirt, mud, and grease. 
  • They are made to fit in virtually any kind of vehicle and provide protection for the areas that they cover. This is useful if you don’t want to spend extra time waiting for a custom-made floor mat when you can get it right away. 

Here’s a universal floor mat that is made to fit your car’s floor and protect it from all the dirt and damages: Universal Car Floor Mats


5.Universal Car Seat Covers

Being in the rideshare industry exposes your car, especially its interior, to wear and tear due to everyday use. And one of the most affected parts aside from the car’s floor is your car’s seats. 

But, there is a way to protect them from rapid wear and damages- installingcar seat covers. These accessories are specially designed to protect your car seat from direct contact with users, minimizing wearing and increasing its lifespan in good condition. 

We highly recommend you get a universal car seat cover. Here’s why:

  • It is designed to fit all types of car seats since it is adjustable.
  • Universal car seat covers are easy to install and uninstall- so you don’t need to worry about having to change them when they get too dirty or has to be cleaned.
  • They are more affordable compared to custom-made seat covers. 

We recommend this stylish and durable car seat cover for your next rideshare journey: Universal Car Seat Covers



6.Large Microfiber Cloth

Your car’s exterior needs constant maintenance to keep it clean and shiny. As a rideshare driver, this is important because it can help you attract customers. But it’s not always every time that you can avail of car wash services. So you personally have to clean your car’s exterior. 

Large microfiber towels are probably the best investment you can make when it comes to cleaning and drying your car. Here’s why:

  • Large Microfiber towels are designed for your car’s exteriors, are reusable, and made to last. Using them to wipe or clean your car doesn’t affect their construction. You can use them all over again-helping you save money.
  • They do not leave scratches on your vehicle’s surface. The microfiber towels are designed to be streak-and spot-free. So you don’t need to be afraid of wiping your car’s surface thoroughly as microfibre cloths will not damage it.
  • You can buy large microfibre towels in bulk at a lower price. If you are cleaning your car regularly this can help you avoid running out of towels to use. Buying microfiber towels in large quantities can help you save more money.

Here’s where you can buy microfibre towels: Large Microfiber Cloth


7.  Rideshare Led Sign Decor

You might be thinking about the things you can do to level-up your rideshare game. So why not try updating your ride with a rideshare LED sign decor? You might be asking if it is important to have signage for your car but signages are more than just labels or decors. Here are some reasons why it can be beneficial to get that rideshare sign:

  • Law enforcement officers and other public safety officials in your local area might have regulations about having signages for rideshare drivers for legitimacy and legal purposes. Plus signages are an easy way to identify rideshare vehicles in case any issues arise.
  • Having a beautifully lit Uber or Lyft sign in your car window helps make the best first impression for your customers.
  • Your passengers will be able to easily spot your car on a crowded street especially during late night. This can give your passengers a better riding experience with you that can result in good ratings and attracting more customers in the future.

Here’s a Rideshare LED sign decor you might want to get: 

Rideshare Led Sign Decor



8.Rideshare Insurance

As a rideshare driver, you also need to ensure your safety and security should any unforeseen circumstances take place.Rideshare companies provide drivers with insurance coverage, but many drivers don’t realize that they aren’t fully covered from the time they get in their car to the time they hang up the keys.  There are GAPS in coverage and times when not covered. 

So it is highly recommended that you get your very own rideshare insurance. Rideshare insurance isn’t expensive and it covers gaps in coverage and keeps drivers protected even before they begin their first trip.

 To learn more about why and where you can get the rideshare insurance that best fit your needs, visit us at: Rideshare Insurance


We hope this list helped you if ever you are thinking of what to get for your car that is worth the investment and can make a difference for your rideshare journey.

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