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There are times where you will need to use your phone while you drive but, of course, you want to do it responsibly. Your phone is essential not just for taking important calls but for navigation purposes as well. This is where car phone holders come in handy. They allow you to use your phone, hands-free.

Choosing a car phone holder can be quite challenging given the thousand of choices out there. However,  there are things that make each phone holder different and we are here to help you know them so you can consider your options better.



With many options to choose from, it always pays to consider these things so you know you have the best car phone holder

  • Compatibility:

  • It is always best to get a holder that has a wide range of compatibility. Almost all car phone holders are compatible with most smartphone models, but it is still best that you make sure the holder you are getting is compatible with the device you are using. This will allow your phone to be properly attached to it by the time you use it.

  • Grip Strenght:

  • The car phone holder’s grip strength must ensure that your device is held securely in its position. When you drive, your car may take rough turns or bounces and you don’t want your phone to fall just because of that. The grip strength of the holder you are using plays a big role in securing your phone in its place without the risk of sliding or falling.


  • Type of Attachment:

  • Not all phone holders have the same type of attachments. The most common types found in the market today are the cradle and magnetic attachments. Cradle mounts are great for phones that are heavy and big as their grip is stronger and more secure. But if your phone’s design is too narrow or too small, this might not work well for you.


    A magnetic car phone holder uses magnetic strength for its grip. Because they don’t have ‘arms’ like cradle types, they have a lesser chance of interfering with the various functions and buttons on your phone. They are more versatile and can accommodate almost any phone model and size. If your phone is on the heavier side, make sure that the magnet strength of its grip can hold your phone properly.

  • Design:


    The holder must ensure that you can glance, manipulate, and reach your phone easily without interference. If you are using your phone for navigation purposes, you should opt for a holder that allows you to have your screen in full view. The design should not interfere with the buttons or important functions of your phone. 

    Also, make sure that the phone holder you are getting can be accommodated by your car’s interior design. Some holders might not fit well with the interior design of your car. For example, if you are getting a dash mount holder, a phone holder that is installed on your dashboard, it is best to know that they work well on dashboards with flat surfaces. So, take into consideration the interior of your car in choosing a design.

  • Quality:

  • Choose a magnetic phone holder that is good enough to withstand usage without getting damaged easily. Price is not always equal to quality but you can still have options on the material you will choose. Consider the type of phone you are using, its weight, and your habits as a user. Then weigh that in with the quality of the material a phone holder is made of. Low quality and weak materials like plastic may not last long.

    Getting a car phone holder that suits your preference best without compromising usability and satisfaction is what will matter the most. The best car phone holder for others might not suit your needs exactly. So it is best that you consider your options carefully and make sure that you get the car phone holder that will give you a better and safer driving experience.

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