August 26, 2020 3 min read

Scent has an impact even in cars- usually, they are the first thing people notice when entering a car. However, whether you travel alone or with others, odor is still bound to arise especially in an enclosed space like your car interior. 

To solve this, some would use air fresheners and scents to mask the odor but it is not enough to eliminate the bad smell in your car. There are things that contribute as to why your car smells bad- like food, dirt, or even dirty clothes and fabric.

So, we listed 3 simple tips you can follow to keep your car smelling fresh and clean:

1.Clean Regularly.

The things in your car contribute a lot to its smell. Remove all food items, trash, and other things that may cause odor. Clean the floor, seats, and dashboard.  

Use a microfibre towel or a car vacuum cleaner for thorough cleaning. A microfibre towel captures dirt and dust on the surface.


A vacuum cleaner will capture dirt from hard to reach areas of your car or the ones you cannot see. It also reduces the odor that might get trapped in any of your car fabric and upholstery.


It is also important that you wash or shake out your car floor mats and seat covers at least once a week. 


Depending on the material they’re made from, stains from food spills or other dirt might stick to it and cause odor over time. So it is important that you take out your covers and mats from time to time and get them cleaned separately.


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2. Protect your upholstery.

Car floor mats and seat covers are not only for protection against wear and tear. They also protect your car against dirt that may cause odor. The original upholstery of your car can be tough to clean and maintain so these covers and mats will give primary protection against dirt, spills or stains that can cause molds and bacteria to grow and cause an odor in the future. 

It is also helpful is you choose to use spill-proof or tightly covered containers to keep your foods and drinks. This is to avoid food from spilling on your car upholstery when you travel.

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3. Keep an air freshener or air purifier in the car every time.

These products help neutralize odor that’s in your car.  You may opt for natural air fresheners you can find in your homes like coffee beans or spices like cinnamon sticks or clove. 

There are also store-bought car air fresheners that you can just open and put in your car. Some of them come with air freshener diffusers. If you want to use essential oils for scent variety or health benefits then a car air freshener diffuser is a good investment.

A car air purifier is also excellent in neutralizing or eliminating odor. They reduce allergens and filter air particles that cause odor and molds in your car- making the air your breath cleaner.

It is important to note however that air freshener or air purifiers are best used along with regular cleaning of your car.

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If you drive or ride a car regularly, a nice and fresh smelling car is a great way to improve your riding experience and reduce stress while you’re on the road. When done properly and maintained, you can always keep your car smelling fresh and clean.

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